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Inkless Revision

INKless Revision, also known as MCA Needling or “dry” tattooing, is a safe, non-invasive method of tattooing that improves the tone and texture of acne scars, stretch marks, lipo/BBL/facelift/breast augmentation scars, burn scars, and injury/surgery scars.

In place of traditional ink, we use a vitamin rich serum to deposit into the skin, allowing the skin to repair itself at a faster rate. This proprietary blend of natural vitamins and oils stimulate collagen production and helps the skin regenerate on a cellular level, permanently restoring the tone and texture of scars and stretchmarks.

INKless Revision is one of the most effective, long-term solutions for improving the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

Is it the same as Micro-needling?

INKless tattoo is proven to be far more effective at treating scars and stretch marks than micro-needling. Similar in the way it utilizes special needle cartridges to cause controlled trauma to the skin, it is not the same as traditional micro-needling.

Ink-less Treatment Uses

different needle types
different speed
different depth
targets only damaged skin for repair

Which Skin Ailments Can Be Treated?

Acne scars
Stretch marks
Lipo/BBL/facelift/breast augmentation scars
Surgical scars
Injury or trauma scars
Self-harm scars

Who Cannot Receive This Treatment?

Anyone that is prone to Keloid scarring. This type of scar tissue creates a raised tissue growth that grows outside the boundary of the original skin injury. Not all raised scars are keloid as hypertrophic scars are raised but stay within the boundary of the original wound.

This treatment is also contraindicated for:

Pregnant / breastfeeding
Hemophilia patients
Anyone suffering from skin disease

How many sessions will I need?

Treatment sessions will vary depending on the severity of the scarring and individual skin response. For most people, INKless tattoo can be very effective for scar smoothing and softening. Some may see significant results after 1 or 2 sessions, others may need several. Results are not guaranteed as in some cases there may not be a significant improvement. There is maximum amount of five sessions for each treatment area, with a minimum healing time of 6 weeks in between each session per treatment area.

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