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We are dedicated in offering our clientele premium eyelash services at Blink Beauty Bar. We use only the most reputable eyelash products that are highly recommended by professionals in the beauty trade. We choose product brands with quality beauty standards that are among the best in the industry offering the softest lashes and the safest adhesives on the market. Not all lashes are created equal in the industry and when it comes to synthetic extensions, quality matters.

We use Korean faux mink lashes with a semi-matte finish for the most natural lash appearance that don’t have a “plasticky” strip lash look.

Please let our lash technician know which lash style you prefer! We can customize your lash style to help you achieve your desired look including a natural eye, cat eye, or doll eye. For volume lashes we also offer a wispy volume, eyeliner effect, or mega volume.

Maintaining lash health is the utmost priority to us. The length of the extension does depend on the length of the natural lash. A longer extension on a short lash that cannot support the weight over time can cause breakage, the opposite of what we want to achieve. Please keep this in mind when choosing a lash style, it’s always best to keep it safe for your lash health.

We strive for quality and when it comes to eyelash extensions, we only use the safest formaldehyde-free adhesives available. With that in mind, every adhesive currently on the market does contain cyanoacrylate. If you have a known sensitivity to this ingredient please be aware that you will not be a candidate for lash extensions.



This lash technique is applied in a 1:1 ratio of lash extension to the natural eyelash using a medical grade adhesive. This is the traditional eyelash extension method and its main attribute is to add length. If your eyelashes are naturally thick, this method may work best for you and gives a mascara effect.


The hybrid method is a combination of the classic and volume lash techniques. This technique is also popular and allows the combined appearance of more length as with the classic lashes and a fuller look with volume lashes.


Volume lashes are a technique that applies a fan of 2-4 lash extensions to one natural eyelash. This method may be best for clients with few natural lashes to give the appearance of fuller eyelashes. To achieve this effect, the lash technician will create a fan of lashes and apply each to one eyelash at a time, which offers a gorgeous, thicker look. This creates a more fluffy and soft lash appearance.


This is a volume lash method that adds a fan of 10 to 12 lash extensions to one natural eyelash. This is the most voluminous lash method that will create the most dramatic look possible.


Perfect for a special event to create the ultimate eye look that will brighten and enlarge! Bottom lashes are applied using the classic lash technique.


For proper lash care, be sure to purchase our gentle foaming lash cleanser to keep your lashes healthy and looking their very best!

Quality Eyelash Extension Products


Borboleta Beauty has formulated a high quality faux mink lash that is made from realistic poly yarn fibers that have the unique appearance of natural lashes and are extremely soft. Other synthetics have the appearance of being thick, heavy, stiff, and unnatural. Their premium quality faux mink lashes were designed to be movable and flexible, maintain a curl, and feel natural as eyelashes should.



Borboleta Beauty’s adhesives are the cleanest on the market. They have scientifically formulated their adhesives to avoid harsh chemicals and only use the safest chemicals available to be used on the skin. Their adhesives dry with flexibility, last the longest, and allow the eyelash extensions to move and feel as close to natural as possible. Other adhesives dry as hard as a rock, contain alcohols, and preservatives that can affect the skin and natural eyelashes. Our adhesives are replaced every four weeks for optimal results.


For your first appointment, do not wear any eye makeup or use facial lotions or creams that contain oils. It’s best to not consume caffeine one hour before your scheduled appointment. Be prepared during the appropriate amount of time for your appointment to keep your eyes closed for the required duration. Make calls and use the restroom beforehand.


Please follow aftercare instructions diligently for the best results:

Do not wash eyelashes or get them wet for 24 hours after application
Do not apply mascara to your lash extensions
Do not pick or pull on your extensions
Do not use a mechanical lash curler
Do not use eye makeup, creams, or makeup removers containing oils
Brush your lashes everyday
Use a lash cleanser with cleansing brushes on your lashes daily
Try to sleep on your side or back to avoid damaging your lashes
Lifestyle activities such as exercise, swimming, etc. will affect lash retention
If wearing eyeliner, use a power eyeliner or water based liquid


Eyelashes have a growth cycle and shedding occurs every 3-8 weeks before being replaced by new lash growth. Lash extensions will eventually shed with or without the natural lash around the second week. How well you take care of your lashes plays a large role in their life extent. As new eyelashes begin to grow, you will want to have the extensions replaced regularly to maintain their appearance. We recommend booking refills within 2-3 weeks.


Eyelash extension fills replace the extensions that shed or grow out. Any missing eyelash extensions will be replaced and extensions that have grown out will be removed. New extensions are added to any natural lashes that have grown in or don’t already have an extension on them.

No less than 50% of your lash extensions must be remaining from initial appointment in order to book a fill. Mini fills must be booked within 7 days of prior appointment.

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Classic Lashes

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Volume Lashes

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Classic & Bottom Lashes

Classic Lashes

Classic Lashes